What is Trust and Safety?

Trust and Safety is a team within the WikiTide Foundation that exclusively handles serious violations of Miraheze's legal policies (such as the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy) or conduct that otherwise is illegal within the United States. The team is also able to take control of any matters where the handling of them would be sensitive to either the trust people might have in the WikiTide Foundation or where the safety of user(s) could be compromised as a direct result of the handling of such a case.

How do I report something?

You can make a report to the Trust and Safety team by pressing the plus (+) at the top of the screen and then selecting "Report". There is guidance on the form for you to follow depending on what you are specifically reporting. Make sure to be as detailed as possible!

How can I remove personal information?

You can request the removal of your information by pressing the plus (+) at the top of screen and then selecting "Data Protection". We will seek to honour all requests submitted, however may choose to deny certain requests based on circumstances as we are aware of them. All rejections will align with the Data Protection Act 2018 in the United Kingdom and as an extension the General Data Protection Regulations 2016/679. If you suspect a user is under the age of 13 and using our services, please submit a Data Protection request as well in these circumstances.

How can I appeal a sanction?

We are working on a formal policy and process to follow for appeals. For now, any communications relating to appeals of any sanctions or actions taken by a Trust and Safety member, please email us directly at ts [at] miraheze.org.